Botanical Garden ’Little Hungary’

Botanical Garden ’Little Hungary’ is Europe's largest topographical and hydrographical scale model. Hungary in the scale of 1:1000 – a giant "live terrain table.’

It is a place where visitors can feel to be giants. Where a step is a mile, where you can jump from the southern shore of Lake Balaton to the Tihany peninsula, or from Transdanubia to the area between rivers Danube and Tisza. It is a perfect place to discover our country.
Our motto is : Botanical Garden ’Little Hungary’ is a drop from miracles of the nature’.
Crossing the river Drava we enter our country and go to the aspen look-out. It is worth climbing up. We can admire from nearly 8 meters height our country ‘decorated’ with lakes, rivers, mountains and the vast Great Plain. Via Nagykanizsa we get to the Lake Balaton that is full of goldfish.

At Devecser a headboard helps to orientate, guidance boards give us information on traditions of the area, the importance of geographical, biological conditions. Crossing the motorway M7, we reach the Venice Lake, after a small walk we arrive at the Csepel Island, and from it to the Margaret Island. Continuing our journey towards Vác we can walk forward the mountain Börzsöny and the Northern Mountains up to Kékes.
On the Great Plain we can find the thatched farmhouse with a shady grove and a boom well just right next to the River Tisza.

You can find in front of the farmhouse ‘The Tree of Life ‘- an old carving from mulberry wood made by a folk artist, Thomas Tiny - waits for visitors. The ranch home is situated in the garden of life that evokes the old world and modern wonders at the same time.

Crossing the river Tisza we visit Debrecen, we reach the Grieving Shepherd’s Statue, we go over the bridge, we continue our way along the river Kőrös, we can see the Patrium through a small ‘Székely gate’. The border is at the river Maros.
You can walk here in comfortable hiking- shoes, barefoot and even with prams. The nature receives us and encompasses with its infinite love.
It took centuries for our ancestors to build up our country, but we did it in one year.
Only a few numbers: 100.000 cubic meters sand back and forth, based targeting 68.000 GPS coordinate points and recessed poles, eight wells were drilled under the area, 100 km pipeline, 140,000 pieces of regional seedling sapling and more than 1,000 sprinklers.
The wildlife is also ‘grateful’ for the care: four new species of frogs returned and presence of seven species of birds can be seen.
Turtles and fish are splashing in our lakes, indigenous plants of the Great Plane came back,
different species of fungi appeared and so on.
Botanical Garden ’Little Hungary’ gives the image of green and blue, plants and sky.
Botanical Garden ’Little Hungary’ means water flowing, cricket music, birdsong and silence.

Our favorite Quotes:
"Nature will not you make disappointed.
‘It does not speak, so it does not lie, does not promise anything, but it gives everything and still it says more, than people have ever said. ‘
István Fekete (Tüskevár) 1957.