The Village of Huns

6-7 thousand years ago in the coast of Pannonian Sea, in the Carpathian Basin, near thermal sources people used to live in stacks built mainly from natural materials.
Who would think that these in-ground buildings were made using an insulation technology which is 10 times better than the modern one (with dry remains of vegetation and soil).

The management of the Hungarian Garden built up the ‘Village of Huns’ on the basis of former buildings and artifacts to be found , where the community places were made from natural materials ​​using some technology of our modern age .

Due to the perfect insulation everybody can feel as if they slept in the earth's lap lying in a “bed” made from dry remains of plants.

There are separated accommodations for males and females for approximately 20 to 30 persons. Besides, there is a special ‘shaman’s home’ (it was reconstructed on the basis of the available special literature) that serves group leaders’ and teachers’ perfect relaxation.
The sanitation thanks to a ‘waterfall imitation’ can be solved by lukewarm water (heated by the sun), an ancient but EU conform ‘plop’ method helps to meet the needs.
The ’Village of Huns’is situated in the acacia wood of this 300,000 square metered manicured garden. You can find here a secret oasis where the soul and the body can be brought in harmony with the earth's heartbeat.

We offer this place for nature lovers who enjoy the chirping birds, the sunset and the light of the campfire.

From spring to autumn.the camp of the ’Village of Huns’enables communities of friends and families to be together.
Campers are welcome as well – any way you like!