Sledge Hill

The Sledge Hill gives a special optical illusion for visitors who are used to the image of the

Great Plain.

From the outlook at the top of the Sledge Hill there is an amazing view all around. Our

beautiful country is at your feet. We can admire from the height of 11 m the lake Balaton, the

rivers Danube and the Tisza.

We can have a look at the Transdanubian - Middle Mountain Range , you can notice at

Budapest the Hungarian flag swaying. Turning slightly to the right in the Northern Mountain

Range of varied topography, we can observe the wonderful colours of Hungary in every


At the beginning of the summer season the circle-shaped lake lying at the bottom of the hill is

the empire of water zorbs. The cheerful young can move on the water with dry feet struggle

with gravity.

From spring to winter the brave can roll from the top of the hill in zorbs.

In winter you can skate and slide on the frozen lake, the hill covered by snow tempts our


There is a place (’HŰ-TE’stands for cool and hot) inside the hill where you can cool down in summer and in winter it waits for visitors with a crackling fire in the stove and pine scent of warm.