About us

Creators of the Hungarian Garden have had much sunshine and many storms.
We dreamt a big and created a unique terrain table that represents our country in the scale of 1:1000.
We believe that we can create something ever-lasting.
We believe in honesty, friendship and cohesive strength of a community.
We believe in the wonders of nature, in the green of grass and in the blue the sky.
If you build a place with love, love radiates.
If a space is used for good purposes, it gives fruit for the others.
István Fekete in his book admires nature:
‘It does not speak, it does not lie, it did not promise, and still it gives everything, and it says more than people have ever said”.
In 2012, we celebrated the first birthday of the Hungarian Garden .
Thank you to everyone who honored the Hungarian Garden with their visit!

Thanks everybody!