Permanent Programs

1. Walk in Hungary

Groups are accompanied throughout the country by specialized guides, while our guests can get a number of interesting information in connection with our country and the Hungarian Garden.

2. Get to know Hungary

The groups of our guests are divided into troops by our guides. They teach the participants how to use a compass. Then the troops depart and with the help of test pages and the compass they solve set tasks drawn up in accordance with their age independently, while they get to know all the sights of our country and the Hungarian garden.
The test sheets are corrected by the guides and the winners get a certificate.

3. Walk in Wonder-Forest

Guides give several pieces of information on our country and they introduce our guests all forest biological rarities, acquainted with some really interesting details of environment.
Trips finish at the Wish wreath.

4. Environmental Education Trail

Environmental Education Trails are designed to help the groups to learn about the importance of environmental protection in an interactive way.

5. Biological Nature Trail

Biological Nature Trail was created to introduce the juniper grove, the native flora and fauna in the forests of our country.

6. Walk in the Forest of Coolness, on the Path of Love

7. While walking in this forests everybody can get known the biological curiosities of the wood and at the "Tree of Families“ we can emphasize the importance of family, solidarity and love.
While solving funny tasks sheets, we will teach the participants the ancient Hungarian game: bige.

8. Traditional archery for beginners and advanced

9. Pleasure Carriage Ride
10 people can travel at the same time. When the group is too large, they divide the two-hour ride.

10. Water Zorb
Inside giant plastic balls, fighting gravity, everybody can move with ‘dry foot ‘on the water from spring to autumn.

11. Hill Zorb
It is recommended only the visitors over 18. At the same time two persons can roll down the hill inside the Hill Zorb.

When it is requested, we are ready to organize for you multi-day programs, too.
Accommodation: Hunfalva (from April to September).
Dining: Kettle meals can be provided.
Students like the best: paprika potatoes and macaroni Bolognese for 1.000Ft/person.
For 1.200 Ft/ person we can prepare for you bean goulash, goulash soup with a cottage cheese bundle or a cheese cake (sajtos pogácsa).
Actually, we can make any kind of meals in kettle.

Important notice:

The Hungarian Garden supports your own cooking, providing space for cooking, firewood and, if it is necessary, a stand as well. In this case the guests should bring a kettle and the ingredients.

Of course, you can have here your home-made sandwiches, too.
For permanent programs it is reqired to request a prior arrangement.
From January to February get your appointment previously.